Newfield Alternative Energy provides innovative technology and professional services to deliver cost effective renewable energy solutions.

Newfield AE has a strong focus on rooftop solar, which in conjunction with intelligent management, monitoring and storage provides a cost effective, flexible and sustainable clean energy platform.

Incorporated in 2015 Newfield AE (formerly Faraday Alternative Energy*) builds on the energy related sales, marketing, project management and technical experience of its founding partners to provide intelligent power solutions to its customers. Offerings include solar, wind, storage and thermodynamic technologies.

Newfield AE has partnerships with local distributors including Rubicon SA, suppliers of Yingli, Imeon and SolarEdge, battery specialists First National Battery and international companies such as Energy Panel, Spain manufacturers of thermodynamic water heating products.


*Faraday Alternative Energy, was named in honour of one of the world’s greatest experimental scientists: Michael Faraday.

We along with 28 other companies are registered to trade under the name Faraday in South Africa. It has come to our attention that one of these companies operates in a very similar field to us. To avoid confusion and considering our customers’ best interests we have decided to rename the company.

We are changing our name to something we believe will continue to promote cost effective renewable energy in South Africa. Something that is new. Something that resonates with green energy. Something that is clean.


Nothing else changes. You will still get the best deal, the best quality and the best personal service – guaranteed.