The Energy Panel by Newfield AE is a hybrid water heating system that utilises a thermodynamic panel and a heat pump.

  • A refrigerant fluid circulates inside the external thermodynamic panel at low temperature. This fluid absorbs the incident solar radiation on the panel as well as environmental energy. The temperature difference caused by external agents ensures that the fluid evaporates.
  • The evaporated fluid is pumped to a compressor where it is compressed, raising its temperature and pressure returning it to a fluid state.
  • The fluid enters the condenser which is a coil surrounding a cylinder where the heat is transferred to water inside the cylinder.
  • After the fluid has ceded its heat to the condenser, it reaches the expansion valve where it undergoes a reduction in pressure and re-enters the panel for environmental heating.



The Energy Panel works with an existing hot water cylinder and provides 100% of direct water heating demand in all seasons.

The panel is light weight and easy to install. The system is highly efficient and provides up to 70% cost savings when compared to a traditional geyser.water_heating_image2

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