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Why We Believe in Solar

Despite South Africa’s great renewable resources our energy still comes mostly from coal. According to the BP Statistical Review of Energy (2019), in 2018, 71% of South Africa’s total primary energy consumption came from coal, followed by oil (17%), natural gas (3%), nuclear (2%), and renewables (less than 3% – up from less than 1% in 2012).

A further complication facing South African electricity consumers is the unreliability of supply. The monopoly utility is in deep crisis and intermittently imposes “load shedding” to reduce the demand on the electricity grid. This has serious impacts on business and consumer confidence. Battery technology is becoming increasingly efficient and cost effective and is the best option to solve the effects of load shedding.

It is clear that South Africa has tremendous natural resources for solar energy production. This coupled with an inefficient, unreliable electricity utility and inexpensive, accessible technology for harvesting and storing this energy means the market for residential alternative energy has the potential to grow exponentially.

Newfield Alternative Energy (Pty) Ltd was founded in May 2015. The company is focused on providing renewable energy solutions to the residential market. The solutions reduce the cost of energy over time and improve the reliability of supply. This has significant positive impact on the environment and provides peace of mind to consumers from a financial, energy security and green consciousness point of view.

The Team

Founders: The Newfield team is headed up by Dean van Vuuren and Paul Lochner who combined have over 50 years of experience in sales, marketing, project management and technical aspects of energy and information technology.

Electrical team: Our team of electricians is headed up by Mark Pym, a certified wireman with over 35 years of experience as an electrician.

Panel installers: Jaq Botha looks after the installation of solar panels and has wide experience with many types of roofs.

Marketing: Our marketing department is run by Nicola and Rob Purdon of Brave Media.

Suppliers and Partners

Newfield has built strong relationships with key suppliers in the solar, electrical and battery industries to ensure access to the latest technology at competitive prices. Read more about our suppliers here.

We take a holistic approach when considering your energy requirements, which in conjunction with intelligent management, monitoring and storage provides a cost effective, flexible and sustainable clean energy solution. Our approach is modular, which allows you to start small and expand at your own pace. All of our back up solutions are solar capable, meaning they can have solar generation added at a later date if desired. We serve the greater Cape Town area with customers from Cape Point to Yzerfontein.

We are here to help you reduce the investment required and install the most economical back up energy solution tailored to your family’s specific needs.