Newfield Annual Maintenance Service 

We are excited to announce the launch of our Newfield Annual Maintenance Service! For just R2000 (including VAT), you can now ensure your solar system operates at peak performance with our comprehensive maintenance and cleaning package. Here’s what’s included: 


  • Panel Cleaning
  • Inspection of System

  • Battery and Inverter Firmware Update
  • Recommendations for System Improvements

Panel Cleaning

Solar panels have a protective coating that enables rain water to wash off most of the dirt that settles on them. However they do occasionally need cleaning, particularly if it has not rained for a while.  It is important to use the correct cleaning product and method to ensure no damage is caused to the protective coating.

We use Solar Wash Protect (SWP)(please see image below), a concentrated antistatic cleaning and protection product specifically developed for photovoltaic solar panels. The antistatic properties of SWP make future cleanings easier, keeps the panel cleaner between cleanings, reduces cleaning time and water consumption by up to 50%. Using the SWP solution to wash the solar modules allows an increase in solar panel efficiency of up to 5%, resulting in significant economic benefits for you.

Inspection of System

Our thorough inspection covers the entire system. We check cables for any breaks or insulation damage and inspect all connectors and fuses. Additionally, we vacuum dust from your inverter’s filters to ensure optimal performance.

Battery and Inverter Firmware Update

Keeping your system’s firmware up to date is essential for efficiency and longevity. We will update your inverter or Li-ion battery to the latest manufacturer-recommended firmware version.

Recommendations for System Improvements

Our experts will provide tailored recommendations to enhance your system’s efficiency. This could include minor tweaks or suggestions for necessary upgrades to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Maximise your solar investment and enjoy the benefits of a well maintained system. To book your maintenance service or for more information, please contact us on 081 515 7777 or email us at

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