From load shedding to no shedding – Diversification of supply is the answer

It’s no secret that our national energy utility is in dire straits. This presents a clear threat to the security of our electricity supply. How do we protect our homes and businesses from a vulnerable and unreliable source of electricity? 

 Fortunately, several companies are working on flexible solutions and offerings to address these issues. We have chosen to focus on solar power, as it is clean, cost effective and proven to work. We take care of the design, installation, registration and commissioning of the system, thus removing the technically challenging aspects. 

We include all of this at a price that is competitive with what the utility charges now. 

The benefits are clear:

·       An additional source of electricity, helping to diversify your supply;

·       Reduced dependence on the monopoly utility;

·       Building a foundation for a secure energy supply;

·       A reduction in your electricity bill, and

·       Positivity from utilising a clean source of electricity. 


Take back your power, go from load shedding to no shedding!