Are you aware of how much electricity you are using? Are you confident that you have done everything to reduce your usage as much as possible?

Why not take control and manage your electricity.

Newfield have an energy management solution that does exactly this – carbonTRACK monitors your energy consumption in real-time, giving you a better understanding of the ins and outs of your electricity usage.

The user dashboard shows everything that is happening in your home so you can track and benchmark your energy consumption and make informed decisions.

With carbonTRACK you control when and how you use electricity in your home. Once you know what else is going on, you can identify areas of inefficiency and wasted electricity.

From the user dashboard you can set automated timers on devices connected to your device and manage your home more efficiently, making the most of your solar or electricity tariffs.

You can see and control your home from anywhere in the world via a desktop computer, iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.

carbonTRACK helps you manage your electricity use by making it easy to optimise when you use electricity. You can see and address wasted energy and make slight adjustments to reduce your bills.

You will be able to cut down on your total use, reducing energy costs and saving money.

carbonTrack – the intelligent way to manage your power.

Newfield is offering carbonTRACK fully installed at R6500.00 – no monthly costs. GSM data included. Can be installed on any electrical system – does NOT require a solar based energy system.

Newfield – Alternative Energy, Alternative thinking.


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