Going solar generates significant financial benefits:

  • Solar reduces or eliminates your electricity bills, freeing up more cash every month to spend or invest elsewhere.
  • With solar, you can hedge against future price increases. Utility electricity rates go up every year – 12,69% in 2015! By generating your own electricity, you can protect yourself from unpredictable rate increases for the lifetime of your solar energy system ~ 25 years.
  • Installing a solar energy system is an investment in your property. Home buyers are willing to pay more for homes that are equipped with solar panels.
  • Your solar panel system may even generate income – Newfield AE can assist with municipal approval and grid-tie your system.
  • Benefits of solar investments aren’t taxable. Unlike returns from more traditional investment vehicles, your financial returns from solar come in the form of monthly savings, meaning they are not subject to taxation.

Contact us for a comprehensive evaluation of your specific requirement. If you are spending more than R 2000 a month on electricity, you can benefit significantly from using solar!

Solar just makes sense.

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For more information please contact Paul 083 326 9758 or Dean 081 515 7777, or mail us on info@newfield.co.za .

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