Are you in a position to invest? Are you thinking about putting that money in your bond? Maybe a term investment with a bank?

Have you considered putting that cash into a TAX FREE investment that keeps on giving – day after day – year after year – at no further cost to you? A gift to yourself and the environment.

Consider the information below.

Newfield AE has collected comprehensive data around clients usage of electricity through consultation and monitoring of consumption patterns. We would like to show you how it is possible to reduce your consumption significantly with the use of solar power. And provide TAX FREE returns for the next 25 years – guaranteed – regardless of economic conditions.

Consider table 1 below. This is the average consumption for a medium sized home in South Africa. By medium size we mean it has a garden, swimming pool and structures to house four people. Assumptions have been made. For example, LED lighting is used throughout, the geyser has been replaced with a solar based geyser, the hob runs on gas etc. This then is the profile of a household which has already been optimised for lower consumption.  The information is shown in South African Rands, and the price of utility power has been set at R2.13 per kWh. The information is calculated using average consumption patterns for the appliances listed (daily usage).


From the above it can be seen that daily usage for an average home is around R57.79. This means a monthly bill on average of R1733.

Now consider what a 3 kW photo-voltaic system can do for you.

A solar day is averaged at 6 hours per day  – this takes weather conditions and seasons into account. If you were to consider the figures in Rand values – the following table 2 shows the DAILY results.

PV energy generated (per day) R42.17
PV energy consumed (per day) R30.29
PV energy shed to grid (per day) R11.89
Utility consumed (per day) R27.50

Table 2 : Daily generation and consumption

The system is capable of generating R42.17 of energy per day. However, it needs to be considered that not all appliances are run during the day, therefore only R30.29 of that energy can be consumed. R11.89 is shed (not used). By moving more consumption to the day one can make better use of this shed power. This leaves an amount of R27.50 that is purchased from the utility (night time use mostly).

The table below shows MONTHLY figures :

PV energy generated (per month) R1 265.22
PV energy consumed (per month) R908.66
PV energy shed to grid (per month) R356.56
Utility consumed (per month) R824.95

And then per YEAR :

PV energy generated (per year) R15 182.64
PV energy consumed (per year) R10 903.90
PV energy shed to grid (per year) R4 278.74
Utility consumed (per year) R9 899.39

This equates to a TAX FREE return of R908 per month. And this is on an investment of only R80000 +- (lowest cost system without storage). And all that at the current electricity rate of R2.13 per kWh – escalating costs have NOT been taken into account (and the cost of South African power WILL escalate).

spreadsheet-imageContact us now.  We will be happy to share our data (spreadsheet) with you whereby you can calculate your own home consumption patterns – no obligation whatsoever.

We will show you how to make one of the best investments of your lifetime.

Solar just makes sense!


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