There Has Never Been a Better Time to Go Solar

Put your roof to work and keep the lights on for less!

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Go Solar

Find out how you can start saving money & benefiting from sustainable energy today.

Newfield Flex

Are you ready to take control of your own electricity supply and free yourself of load shedding woes? Our Newfield Flex packages are designed specifically for residential requirements, to bring you peace of mind and free yourself from the unpredictability of South Africa’s energy supply.

Whether you are just looking to keep the essentials running such as lights, Wi-Fi & TV or larger appliances like your air-conditioner & security system, we have a solution for you!
All our backup packages contain high quality Li ion batteries, carry extensive warranties and include the services of a professional installation.

There are no hidden costs! All of our packages include:
Professional Installation | City of Cape Town Registration | Professional Engineering Sign-off | 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Load Shedding Protection

From R 63 000
(inc VAT)
  • • Inverter, battery and installation
  • • Keep critical services and appliances running
  • • Store utility power in a Lithium ion battery for use during load shedding

Solar Assist

From R 100 000
(inc VAT)
  • • Eliminate the impact of load shedding and reduce your monthly electricity bill
  • • Battery backup supplemented with solar power
  • • Intelligent use of solar power
  • • Includes a geyser timer and energy efficient geyser element to reduce consumption
  • • Maximise monthly savings

Off Grid

From R 150 000
(inc VAT)
  • • Independence from utility power
  • • Modular, scalable solar solution to meet immediate requirements and provide for future growth

Solar Assist + Multiple inverters, batteries & solar panels

Happy Clients Who Made The Switch With Newfield

We Specialise in Residential Solar & Backup Systems

Newfield takes a holistic approach when considering your energy requirements. We specialise in residential solar and backup applications. South Africa has an abundance of sunshine and yet we predominantly use coal powered electricity. Coal power is dirty, expensive and unreliable. Simply put Solar power is a superior alternative.

Newfield has designed a modular approach to residential energy systems. This allows you to start small and expand at your own pace. Our team of experts is here to help design a solution that meets the specific needs of your home and family.

When You Go Solar With Newfield You Receive


Required Certificate of Compliance

City of Cape Town SSEG Declaration Signed-off by a Professional Engineer

Specialised Online Monitoring