Replace all your inefficient incandescent and halogen light bulbs with low power LEDs. These consume as little as 10% of the power of traditional light bulbs, effectively providing a 90% reduction on your lighting bill.

LED or ‘Light-Emitting Diode’. These are the most efficient forms of lighting available today. They come in various forms and will fit almost any type of outlet – even replacing fluorescent tubes! They also come in different ‘temperatures’ – ranging from cool white to warm white. Certain LED’s lights can be dimmed but you need to ensure you have the correct bulb and that your dimmers are LED friendly.

Newfield Alternative Energy recommends the use of LED wherever possible. CFL (compact fluorescent) are also acceptable where budget does not allow for LED. From our experience we have found the biggest energy wasters to be downlighting – known as the ‘GU10’ bulb. This form of lighting is very popular and prior to LED bulbs used inefficient incandescent bulbs running at 50 Watts each. Some houses have more than 80 of these down lighters – which together add up to over 4000 Watts or 4 kWatts of power. This can be reduced to 240 Watts with the use of LED! That is a 94% reduction in power usage!

Water heating

Using heat pump technologies combined with regular solar water heaters can reduce your daily water heating bill by as much as 80%. Newfield AE offers various products and technologies for water heating. These products can be used on their own or combined with other systems to improve efficiencies.

borehole1Solar Pool and Borehole Pumps

Pumping water is energy intensive – Newfield AE can power your water pumping requirements directly from solar – thus removing this completely from your monthly electricity bill.

Newfield AE provides solar powered pumps for a wide range of applications from pool pumps to borehole pumps. These are powered directly by solar power and do not need power from the utility at all. They are ideal for remote areas where there is no utility power, or to remove your water pumping power requirements completely from utility power. This provides significant savings, as the average pump uses at least 1kW of power per hour. As long as there is sunlight the pump will operate.

Combining these technologies has the potential to reduce the average electricity bill by 40 – 50%.

For a personal consultation and to find out how much money you can save per month please contact Paul 083 326 9758 or Dean 081 515 7777, or mail us on info@newfield.co.za .


Solar just makes sense!

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