The first step to becoming more energy efficient is by gaining insight into how you use power. Insight combined with control leads to intelligent power management.

carbonTRACK, supplied and installed by  Newfield Alternative Energy is an intelligent low-cost energy management ecosystem.


With carbonTRACK you can:

  • Adjust energy hungry devices to reduce consumption 
  • Monitor, switch and set timers on individual appliances
  • Unlock the full potential of your solar system
  • Generate reports to check your historic energy use
  • Check your energy consumption every 15 minutes
  • Save up to 30% off your electricity bill

carbonTRACK is available via any smart phone, tablet or computer and includes professional installation and integration into your home.

Simple to install, easy to use:


  • Installation by carbonTRACK accredited electrician
  • Connects to mains, circuits and equipment 
  • Linked to energy producing and consuming devices such as solar panels, hot water cylinders and pool pumps 


  • Simple activation via carbonTRACK installer interface
  • Independent and secure data transmission
  • Not reliant on end-user Wi-Fi


  • View real time electricity use of circuits and equipment
  • Benchmark performance and measure improvement
  • Set and track energy budgets
  • Download stored data as reports 


  • Manage and control devices from a PC, tablet or smart phone
  • Set and adjust timers
  • Enable ‘Auto-Pilot’ for total set-and-forget automation 
Insight + Control = Power. Own your power.
To find out more about how you can control and manage your power contact Paul 083 326 9758, or mail us on .

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